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/ 2018

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Issue #19

Vehicles (medium):
linseed oil, walnut oil (often in whites, blues and light colours) turpentine, pine resin (trace amounts often found in glazes, said to come from turpentine); egg (white, yolk) (detected in some paintings).

Panels: made of oak planks from circa 1.2cm (1610s) to 0.6cm (1630s) thick. covered by calcium carbonate chalk in glue (gesso) and a streaky priming (imprimatura) of yellow or brown earths or/and charcoal black, sometimes some lead white, in oil or in a medium containing egg, possibly an egg-oil emulsion.

Canvas: usually tabby weave linen with a double oil priming: a yellowish or reddish thicker layer (yellow or red earths, chalk, sometimes small quantities of other pigments) covered with an opaque thinner grey or buff layer (lead white and charcoal black).

Painting materials of Peter Paul Rubens
Lala Ragimov, 2009.


Turps issue #19 | January 2018

Co-Editors   | Marcus Harvey and Phil King


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