'Most things in the world are absolute in terms of taking someone's word for it. For example, rulers. But if you yourself made a sphere, you could never know if it was one. That fascinates me. Nobody will know it. It cannot be proven, so long as you avoid instruments. If I made a sphere and asked you, "Is it a perfect sphere?" you would answer, "How should I know?" I could insist that it looks like a perfect sphere. But if you looked at it, after a while you would say, " I think it's a bit flat over here." That's what fascinates me - to make something I can never be sure of, and no one else can either. I will never know, and no one else will ever know.'

 William de Kooning, from an interview with Harold Rosenberg, first published in Art News, vol. 71, no. 5. September 1972, pp. 54 - 59

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George Condo's Elite Pathology by Nigel Cooke
Paintings by Nigel Cooke discussed by Sean Ashton
Yesterday Belongs to Me. Harland Miller writes about Anslem Kiefer
The Things at the Edge of the Scene. Tim Renshaw writes about Anne Ryan's Paintings
Tim Renshaw by Cath Ferguson
You Need a Long Brush to Paint the Past. George Shaw writes about Constable
A Different Kind of Difficulty - The Late Karl Weschke by Colin Smith
Portraits From A Prison Camp. Marcus Harvey writes about Ray Newell's paintings, made while a prisoner during the Second World War.
Last Exit - Caravaggio, The Final Years by David Leeson
The Calling of Michelangelo by Andrew Mummery
The Banana by Christian Ward
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