"We are now coming out of the long period during which
painting always minimized itself as painting in order to ‘purify’
itself, to sharpen and intensify itself as art. Perhaps with the new
‘photogenic’ painting it is at last coming to laugh at that part of itself
which sought the intransitive gesture, the pure sign, the ‘trace’.
Here it agrees to become a thoroughfare, an infinite transition, a busy
and crowded painting. And in opening itself up to so many events
that it relaunches, it incorporates all the techniques of the image:
it re-establishes its relationship with them, to connect to them,
to amplify them, to multiply them, to disturb them or deflect them."

Michel Foucault
Photogenic Painting 1975

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July 2016


Markus Lüpertz in conversation with Turps Banana
How Can We Think About Abstract Painting? Pt.1 by Simon Bill
Juan Bolivar in conversation with John Greenwood
On Forgetting Paul Klee by Phil King
A Form of Making. Hannah Brown by Graham Crowley
Paul Peden in conversation with Duncan Newton
Mira Schor at Some Walls By Chris Ashley
The Future is Bright. The Future is Cadmium Orange By Paul Robinson
Sofia Silva in conversation with Paulina Olowska
A Painting by Christopher McHugh By Michael Szpakowski