'Gavin Lockheart: You teach in Dusseldorf. What would you say your approach to teaching is?

Peter Doig: It's funny, here in England they call it 'teaching', there they don't really use the word 'teaching'.  I remember when I first started there I mentioned the word to Markus Lupertz who was head of the Academy in Dusseldorf, and he looked at me and said " We don't teach". Which is true. There's nothing you can teach; you can have conversations and discussions but you're not teaching anyone anything. Its just phrasing really. I agree with him. the thing I like about the system there is that the students are with you a long time, up to six years, so you build up a strong relationsip with the student and the work, and find ways of talking about it, and you hope they find ways of talking about it. I said to them at the beginning that "I want you to all be able to talk about your work, I don't care if you just stand next to it and make noises, you don't have to say it in a particular way". Sometimes the work speaks for itself or other people do the talking, but that's an important part of the whole thing, that you feel comfortable, confident with what you do, you don't have to hide behind it, feel shy.  You want to build up confidence alongside your work.'


From Issue Nine of Turps Banana.

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January 2013


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