Turps Studio Programme Mentor 2018-present
Turps Correspondence Course Mentor 2017-present
Turps Gallery Exhibited Artist

Geraldine Swayne is a figurative painter, often working on a very small scale in enamels.

‘ The subjects I use are not deliberately sensationalist, but my work has a filmic atmosphere and dreamlike quality, with slightly disturbing undertones. I paint with enamels because of the exquisite, luminous quality of its color and its viscosity, which suits my speed of application. The diminutive size of my paintings invites a close physical relationship between subject and viewer, which creates a private and slightly transgressive feeling, like looking through a keyhole. This close proximity also reflects the private psychology I am investigating in my sitters.’ Geraldine Swayne, 2019

Swayne is the current holder of The Sunny Dupree Family Award for a Woman Artist at the 2018 RA Summer Exhibition.