Turps Editorial Board 2019-present
Turps Surgery Visiting Mentor 2019

Charley Peters is a London-based painter. Her work is concerned with the spatial potential of the painted surface, on which she applies subtle variations in colour, tone and scale to construct illusionary light and structural depth. Starting from an interest in the legacy of hard edged abstraction, her work considers the manifestation of painterly language in the context of contemporary media, where viewers experience multitudinous visual information in quick succession, often dematerialised and seen on screens. Using techniques of layering, opposition and juxtaposition as a means of exploring the materiality of paint, Peters explores the disrupted syntax of pictorial composition synonymous with our experiences of reading space, material and abstract form in the post-digital image world.

Peters exhibits internationally as well as being an active contributor of writing about painting to many online and print publications. She has an extensive teaching CV and is currently Course Leader of MA IVM at LCC/University of the Arts London.